Weekly Educational Wrap Up July 14 – 18

Understanding Creative Commons’ Licensing

As a blogger, protecting your work and intellectual property is paramount.  While most bloggers have heard of Creative Commons, selecting the appropriate license can be incredibly confusing and frustrating. Protecting your work is important.  There are spam type blogs which will pull your content in via RSS or republish your posts without permission.  If your content isn’t protected, there is little you can do.  Additionally, your original posts and content are part of your intellectual property. If you haven’t protected your content or became frustrated by the process, use these helpful explanations to make the right decision.

Blogging Tools: What language are you using?

The days of hand coding HTML and frames to create web pages are long gone, thanks in large part to the development of cutting edge blogging platforms (WordPress, Typepad, Blogger, Moveable Type).  Fortunately, the languages have evolved to allow for more detailed results while building upon the original foundations of HTML. 

Essential Blogging: Sampling Etiquette

Accepting press samples, especially in beauty, is an essential component of product blogging.  However, many bloggers are confused by proper sampling etiquette. To help make navigating product reviews easier, we’ve provided a few simple guidelines.


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