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Weekly Educational Wrap Up: July 21 – 25

Discussion: Are Post Templates Right For You?

Most blogs are dynamic, centered around a revolving door of topics, thoughts and ideas.  It’s been suggested that readers appreciate a certain level of consistency, and most bloggers deliver that consistency in the timing or the subject matter of their postings. However, a new theory has emerged relating to consistency within posts.  Would you format posts specifically based on their subject matter and furthermore, would you use a template for those formats?

Blogging Strategies: Making Money

The “blogging success stories” run rampant.  It’s difficult not to get wrapped up in the thought of making money off your blog, but monetization isn’t the best option for everyone.  As we’ve lightly touched on before, there are many methods of advertising, but before delving deep into advertising strategies it’s import to decide if advertising is right for you. ProBlogger offers an informative post on how to decide when and where to advertise.

Discussion: Pay Per Post “Advertising”

Blogging etiquette is always a hot topic swirling amongst bloggers (and one we’ll discuss in an upcoming BlogTalk Radio segment).  Everyone is looking to turn their online venture into the nextcash cow, but would you accept money to write a post on a topic, even if you weren’t interested?

Weekly Educational Wrap Up July 14 – 18

Understanding Creative Commons’ Licensing

As a blogger, protecting your work and intellectual property is paramount.  While most bloggers have heard of Creative Commons, selecting the appropriate license can be incredibly confusing and frustrating. Protecting your work is important.  There are spam type blogs which will pull your content in via RSS or republish your posts without permission.  If your content isn’t protected, there is little you can do.  Additionally, your original posts and content are part of your intellectual property. If you haven’t protected your content or became frustrated by the process, use these helpful explanations to make the right decision.

Blogging Tools: What language are you using?

The days of hand coding HTML and frames to create web pages are long gone, thanks in large part to the development of cutting edge blogging platforms (WordPress, Typepad, Blogger, Moveable Type).  Fortunately, the languages have evolved to allow for more detailed results while building upon the original foundations of HTML. 

Essential Blogging: Sampling Etiquette

Accepting press samples, especially in beauty, is an essential component of product blogging.  However, many bloggers are confused by proper sampling etiquette. To help make navigating product reviews easier, we’ve provided a few simple guidelines.

Weekly Educational Roundup: July 7 – 11

BlogTalk Radio Seminar:  What is Twitter?

As part of Coutorture’s BlogTalk Radio seminar series, this past Sunday we helped members of the Coutorture Community better understand the basics of Twitter, and how it can help grow their blogs.  Our co-host was Maria Palma ofThe Runway Scoop and Beauty Is Within, who is also a Twitter user.

Blogging Tools:  PicApp

One issue fashion and celebrity bloggers face is the access to affordable celebrity photos.  Mashable recently introduced us to PicApp.  PicApp is a service which has recently partnered with Splash News to offer bloggers free celebrity photos.  The only catch is the script required to insert the photos also inserts an advertisement below each photo.

Essential Blogging:  5 Goals To Strive For

More than likely, if we weren’t filled with ambition, we wouldn’t have started blogging in the first place. We all have certain goals we set for ourselves – number of posts per week, traffic – the list goes on.  Are these the right goals we should be setting for ourselves? Daily Blog Tips points us in the right direction with 5 Blogging Goals Worth Chasing After.

Weekly Educational Wrap Up: June 30 – July 4

Discussion:  Blog Monetization

One of the biggest challenges we face as bloggers is advertising.  There are three categories of bloggers when it comes to advertising:  those who don’t care and refuse to devote space to advertising on their blogs, those who are curious about advertising, and those who go all out in an effort to fully monetize their blogs.  If you fall into the last two categories, you’ve undoubtedly asked yourself how you can make money from your blog.

Coutorture BlogTalk Radio Seminar:  What is Twitter?

Coutorture’s latest BlogTalk Seminar will talk place this Sunday at 6pm EST.  We’ll be discussing “What Is Twitter?” with our co-host Maria Palma, author of The Runway Scoop and Beauty Is Within.

Weekly Educational Wrap Up: June 23 – 27

  • Blogging Strategies: Slow Your Load Time
    • As social media grows, it can be tempting to embed every badge, widget and toolbar into our sidebars in the hopes that it will drive traffic and further promote your blog’s brand.  Aside from an aesthetic standpoint, you can have too many embedded objects in your site leading to a virtual traffic jam.  These objects can delay your site’s load times, frustrate your reader or cause your site to be completely unusable.
  • Discussion: Favorite Blogging Features
    • When we started our first blogs, the majority of us were inexperienced.  We had passion for our chosen topic, but knew little to nothing about the technology and methodology essentialto creating a successful blog.  Web 2.0 has literally exploded, with blogs dedicated to the subject of blogging, tools, and services designed to make the blogging experience a little more interesting.  
  • Essential Blogging: Product Giveaways
    • Network partner Sharon ofThe Bread and Butter posted the following question in our Google Group: I’m curious to know how most of you started putting together your first “Contest” on your blogs. I have no idea what to do and I’m interested in eventually offering “giveaways” and “contests” sometime down the road as well. 
  • Essential Blogging: Brush Up On Blogging Vocabulary
    • These days everyone has a blog, so how do you set yourself apart? One of the greatest parts of “everyone” having a blog is the free flowing transfer of information from one expert to another.  The key to setting yourself apart in the crowded blogosphere is continuous education.  Daily Blog Tips has compiled The Bloggers Glossary, a mini dictionary of terms and definitions essential to any blogger’s vocabulary.  We’ve selected a few essential and surprising terms from the list.

Weekly Educational Roundup: May 12 – 16

Social Media: Build A Comment Community With Disqus

Blogging continues to evolve with the help of independent companies, enhancing the blogging experience and providing interactive services.  Platforms are slowly updating their content management systems (CMS) and even slower to update their comment systems.  Disqus recognized the need for an upgraded and interactive comment system, allowing users to create a unique profile usable across all blogs using the Disqus system.

Social Media: The Benefits of Twitter

Twitter is a social networking/social broadcasting service centered around the question “What Are You Doing?”.  If you haven’t yet discovered this obsessive service, stop by Coutorture’s Twitter, where we update the latest posts, photoshoots and live from events.  Twitter has become a reliable source of news, from reporting an earthquake 3 minutes before the US Geological Survey reported the event to helping a student regain his freedom after being arrested during a protest

Essential Blogging: Building Your Brand, Part One

What brand do you think of when you see the color combination of red & yellow? McDonalds or Shell gas stations.  How about the slogan “Don’t leave home without it”? Even though American Express no longer uses that tagline as their main slogan, it is still instantly synonymous with the brand.

Blogging Strategies: 8 SEO Tactics To Avoid

During our BlogTalkRadio Seminarwith Vyque of, we discussed how effectively using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can boost your blog’s traffic.  It’s easy to go overboard with keywords, metatags and alt titles, so we appreciate Search Engine Land’s 8 Keyword Research Mistakes That Are Costing You Money.  While you’re probably not paying for your keyword research or hiring an SEO engineer, you might be making these mistakes.