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Blogging Strategies: The Great Ad Network Debate

Perhaps you’ve noticed that some blogs are using every bit of their advertising space as efficiently as Times Square.  Ad space, ad dollars, ad revenue – the truth is, we all just want to make money.  If you haven’t joined an ad network yet either because of lack of information or indecisiveness, you’re not alone.  Even if you are monetized to the hilt, there’s no guarantee that you’ll turn a profit, even though advertisers are being seen on by your readers.

Ad networks compensate publishers using one of three methods:

  1. CPM – Cost Per Thousand.  For every one thousand ad impressions, publishers are paid a flat rate.  One challenge publishers face with CPM deals is the ad servers that power the advertisements often use different metric systems to determine impressions than the blogger’s own metric system.  
  2. CPC – Cost Per Click.  Publishers are paid on a per-click basis.  This is the least desirable method of payment, as a very small number of users actually click ads (read: less than 10%), especially if they visit several blogs running the same ads (which often happens when blogs in the same genre belong to the same ad networks). 
  3. Flat Rate Advertising. Publishers are paid an agreed upon flat rate for an agreed upon time.  This is also known as brokering your own advertising, it is often the best option for those who are interested in advertising, yet would like to keep the organic feel of their blog.  The only downside of selling your own advertising is that the opportunities aren’t always consistent. 

Ad networks aren’t right for every blog, especially if you pride yourself on originality. Additionally, another problem with ad networks is that publishers cannot select the advertising displayed on their page, and ad networks also require premium placement on it’s partner’s sites.  

How have your experiences been with an ad network? Do you broker your own ads?

    Blogging Strategies: Making Money

    The “blogging success stories” run rampant.  It’s difficult not to get wrapped up in the thought of making money off your blog, but monetization isn’t the best option for everyone.  As we’ve lightly touched on before, there are many methods of advertising, but before delving deep into advertising strategies it’s import to decide if advertising is right for you. ProBlogger offers an informative post on how to decide when and where to advertise.

    Pros of advertising:

    • Motivation – We all find ourselves slipping into a blogging slump, but advertising can keep you motivated.  If you don’t write new posts, your regulars won’t have a reason to visit your site.
    • Funding to grow your blog – Every blogger has ambitions, from a redesign to becoming a full time blogger, expanding your blog can take capitol.  Advertising can provide you with the means to create the blog of your dreams.

    Cons of advertising:

    • Reader backlash – Readers are more perceptive than we give them credit for. Advertising can cause reader distrust in your motivations and intentions.
    • Layout problems – If your site’s layout wasn’t initially built for advertising, you might experience organizational issues.  
    • Same old, same old – Chances are, most bloggers in your genre are utilizing the same ad networks as you, which means your readers are seeing the same ads on all the sites they visit.  Additionally, in ad networks, publishers generally don’t have approval of which ads are displayed on their site.  Choose wisely. 

    Let us know what type of monetization you’ve considered and what options you’d like to learn more about. 

      Discussion: Blog Monetization

      One of the biggest challenges we face as bloggers is advertising.  There are three categories of bloggers when it comes to advertising:  those who don’t care and refuse to devote space to advertising on their blogs, those who are curious about advertising, and those who go all out in an effort to fully monetize their blogs.  If you fall into the last two categories, you’ve undoubtedly asked yourself how you can make money from your blog.

      Blog monetization isn’t an exact science.  It’s entirely dependent upon the type of blogger you are and the type of audience your blog attracts.  There are many monetization options including:

      • Google AdSense
      • Banner ads in your RSS Feed
      • Individually brokered banner ads
      • LinkShare/Link Synergy product links
      • Affiliate banner advertising
      • Reader donations
      • Pay Per Post/Sponsored Posts
      • Ad networks

      One blogger, who shall remain anonymous, makes it a point to support her fellow bloggers by clicking Google AdSense whenever she leaves a blog.  

      What are your methods of monetizing? What methods are your curious about?