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Weekly Educational Roundup: July 7 – 11

BlogTalk Radio Seminar:  What is Twitter?

As part of Coutorture’s BlogTalk Radio seminar series, this past Sunday we helped members of the Coutorture Community better understand the basics of Twitter, and how it can help grow their blogs.  Our co-host was Maria Palma ofThe Runway Scoop and Beauty Is Within, who is also a Twitter user.

Blogging Tools:  PicApp

One issue fashion and celebrity bloggers face is the access to affordable celebrity photos.  Mashable recently introduced us to PicApp.  PicApp is a service which has recently partnered with Splash News to offer bloggers free celebrity photos.  The only catch is the script required to insert the photos also inserts an advertisement below each photo.

Essential Blogging:  5 Goals To Strive For

More than likely, if we weren’t filled with ambition, we wouldn’t have started blogging in the first place. We all have certain goals we set for ourselves – number of posts per week, traffic – the list goes on.  Are these the right goals we should be setting for ourselves? Daily Blog Tips points us in the right direction with 5 Blogging Goals Worth Chasing After.

BlogTalk Radio Seminar: What Is Twitter?

As part of Coutorture’s BlogTalk Radio seminar series, this past Sunday we helped members of the Coutorture Community better understand the basics of Twitter, and how it can help grow their blogs.  Our co-host was Maria Palma of The Runway Scoop and Beauty Is Within, who is also a Twitter user.

We talked about a lot of links and programs over the course of the show.  To make it easier for those of you listening along, here’s a summary of the different tools we talked about:

  • – Aggregates the hottest topics of the day, or you can search for user’s Tweets via a keyword search
  • TwitterFeed – Automatically updates your Twitter status based on new posts from a specific RSS feed.  Great for automatically updating on your latest blog posts.
  • Twirhl – The MAC based desktop client for easily keeping up with all the Twitter users you’re following. 
  • A few of the Twitter users we talked about: ProBloggerDVF, Zappos CEO, and JetBlue.
  • TwitterBerry – Twitter client for your Blackberry

Listen to the full show here, including these tips and more.  All of Coutorture’s BlogTalkRadio Seminars are available here.

Do you have any ideas for future BlogTalk Radio seminars? Let us know!

    Weekly Educational Wrap Up: June 30 – July 4

    Discussion:  Blog Monetization

    One of the biggest challenges we face as bloggers is advertising.  There are three categories of bloggers when it comes to advertising:  those who don’t care and refuse to devote space to advertising on their blogs, those who are curious about advertising, and those who go all out in an effort to fully monetize their blogs.  If you fall into the last two categories, you’ve undoubtedly asked yourself how you can make money from your blog.

    Coutorture BlogTalk Radio Seminar:  What is Twitter?

    Coutorture’s latest BlogTalk Seminar will talk place this Sunday at 6pm EST.  We’ll be discussing “What Is Twitter?” with our co-host Maria Palma, author of The Runway Scoop and Beauty Is Within.

    Coutorture BlogTalk Radio Seminar: What Is Twitter?

    Coutorture‘s latest BlogTalk Seminar will talk place this Sunday at 6pm EST.  We’ll be discussing “What Is Twitter?” with our co-host Maria Palma, author of The Runway Scoop and Beauty Is Within. The

     call in number is (347) 996-3983, so please call in with any questions and comments you might have during the course of the show.  For this segment, we’ll also be enabling the chat feature to share links as we discuss them.  If you’re unable to participate due to the holiday weekend, the segment will be archived for future listening.

    We’ll be discussing: 

    • Best practices for utilizing Twitter as a blogger
    • Networking possibilities
    • External programs, features and enhancements
    • How to turn Tweets into page views
    • How to avoid being a Twitter spammer
    • Who does Twitter work best for?

    Unable to participate but have a question?  Leave it in the comments below.

      Blogging Strategies: 8 SEO Tactics To Avoid

      seoDuring our BlogTalkRadio Seminar with Vyque of, we discussed how effectively using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can boost your blog’s traffic.  It’s easy to go overboard with keywords, metatags and alt titles, so we appreciate Search Engine Land’s 8 Keyword Research Mistakes That Are Costing You Money.  While you’re probably not paying for your keyword research or hiring an SEO engineer, you might be making these mistakes.

      1: Targeting keywords people never use

      Don’t add unnecessary keywords into your photo or post tags.  Think about how you use a search engine, and tag accordingly.  Try to be as descriptive as possible without overanalyzing. 

      2:  Confusing keyword popularity with keyword appropriateness

      Using a tool like Wordtracker’s Free Keyword Suggestion Tool seems to be an easy way to add key words to your posts.  After searching for “fashion”, it becomes clear that it’s easy to go overboard quickly.  Additional search results include “jojo’s fashion show”, “emo fashion”, “80’s fashion”, “fashion tote bags”, and “fashion games to play”.  Not only will adding in excessive keywords clutter your site, but it will also cause a visitor to spend less time on your site once the realize you don’t have what they’re looking for.

      3: Not considering user intent in keyword selection

      If you use keywords correctly, it’s a great way to turn potential readers into loyal subscribers.  It’s important to think about what they might be searching for when tagging your post or photo so you can lead them right to it.

      4: Using a single word

      Simply tagging your post “fashion” will throw it into the mix with millions of other posts tagged fashion.  Examine your post to determine what sets it apart and tag it appropriately.  If you’re writing about Dior Cruise 2009, simply tagging Dior won’t draw in as many views as tagging your post “Dior Cruise 2009 Fashion Runway Show”. 

      5: Using the wrong keywords

      Lumping all your posts about shoes into the accessories category seems like a natural choice, but it can throw off your search engine traffic.  While it’s not necessary to have an entire category devoted to platform sandals, don’t forget to add those descriptors in the keywords.

      6: Remember your competition

      While it’s important to remember that your fellow bloggers aren’t specifically your competition, they are in search engine land. Every blog that is meta-tagged “fashion blog” are competing for the same top spot in the search results.  Be sure your meta-tags set you apart from your competition.

      7: Review your keywords

      When you first started your blog a year ago, you used the most appropriate keywords you could think of.  After a year of evolution and learning, it’s time to review your tags. There are most likely several that could (and should) be updated.

      8:  Make time for SEO

      Search trends change as fast as the latest fashion trend.  Periodically review what users are looking for and adjust your strategies.  In a market that is always changing, be sure to leave time for self-education.

      Blogging Strategies: Keeping Your Traffic

      After our BlogTalkRadio Seminar with Vyque of Fasshonaburu discussing SEO strategies, many bloggers saw an increase in traffic from simply tagging their photos correctly.  When readers discover your blog via a keyword search, they either find what they were looking for or immediately leave.  How do you keep your visitors from leaving your site within 30 seconds of their arrival? ProBlogger put together a comprehensive list of ways to keep your readers engaged.

      1:  Related posts

      Include related post links in every post, whether your blogging software automatically inserts them (ie WordPress) or you have to manually include related posts.  For example, if your latest post is on Kate Moss, link to photoshoots or other newsworthy stories relating or containing Kate Moss.  You’d be surprised how many people want to see related information.

      2: Interlink your posts

      If your latest post includes information about Fashion Week, link to other information on your blog about about Fashion Week, either via a category or search within your blog.  Try to interlink as much as possible within reason. 

      3:  Series posts

      If there is a topic you cover frequently, turn it into a series.  Brand your posts as a series with a series title, categories, and tags.  Be sure to link to other series posts in each post so that your readers can see your previous work.  Focus on being as consistent as possible to give your readers something to look forward to.

      4: Excerpts in RSS

      More tech savvy readers will read your blog via an RSS reader such as Google Reader.  You want as many people as possible reading your content, but full posts in your RSS feeds don’t translate to page views.  In order to tease readers to click over to your site, only provide an excerpt of your post in RSS.  

      5: Make your blog searchable

      Be sure there is a search box in your sidebar.  If readers want to know something, be sure you’re the first place they look. 

      For more ideas, view ProBlogger’s 11 Techniques to Increase Page Views On Your Blog.

      Coutorture BlogTalkRadio Seminar: Team Blogging

      As part of Coutorture’s BlogTalkRadio Seminar series, we were joined this past Sunday by Community Partners from The Daily Obsession to discuss team blogging.  

      Carolyn, Connie, Nina, Stacey and Beckie talked about what it’s like to work in a team, collaborate on ideas, and maintain a posting schedule.  Each of the ladies live in different parts of the country, brining their unique perspective to their posts.

      One of the biggest tools necessary in maintaining a group blog is organization. The Daily Obsession maintains an editorial calendar, mapping out who is responsible for which post on what day.  In addition to covering topics in their respective cities, the ladies also create quality posts on their respective passions.  Their synergy works on quality over quantity, allowing each author to thoroughly examine the subject.

      Keys to writing a successful group blog

      1:  Communication is key: Whether it be through email, im or telephone, keep in touch with your fellow authors.  Shop online together, chat about the latest beauty products or trends, and discuss whatever topics you’re feeling at the moment.  The conversation doesn’t always have to be about a post for the blog, as long as you keep the lines of communication flowing the post ideas will flow freely.

      2:  Maintain your unique voice while keeping the blog’s voice cohesive. It’s important to feel comfortable enough to express your opinions while keeping the best interest of the blog in mind.

      3:  Organization is key.  Whether it be an official editorial calendar or just emailing each other your latest post ideas, make sure everyone knows what everyone is doing at all times.

      4:  Make sure your blog software allows for collaboration.  The Daily Obsession chose WordPress because of the platform’s flexibility allows for collaborative editing and allows everyone to see what drafts are in progress.

      Listen to the full show here, including these tips and more.  All of Coutorture’s BlogTalkRadio Seminars are available here.