Weekly Educational Wrap Up: July 21 – 25

Discussion: Are Post Templates Right For You?

Most blogs are dynamic, centered around a revolving door of topics, thoughts and ideas.  It’s been suggested that readers appreciate a certain level of consistency, and most bloggers deliver that consistency in the timing or the subject matter of their postings. However, a new theory has emerged relating to consistency within posts.  Would you format posts specifically based on their subject matter and furthermore, would you use a template for those formats?

Blogging Strategies: Making Money

The “blogging success stories” run rampant.  It’s difficult not to get wrapped up in the thought of making money off your blog, but monetization isn’t the best option for everyone.  As we’ve lightly touched on before, there are many methods of advertising, but before delving deep into advertising strategies it’s import to decide if advertising is right for you. ProBlogger offers an informative post on how to decide when and where to advertise.

Discussion: Pay Per Post “Advertising”

Blogging etiquette is always a hot topic swirling amongst bloggers (and one we’ll discuss in an upcoming BlogTalk Radio segment).  Everyone is looking to turn their online venture into the nextcash cow, but would you accept money to write a post on a topic, even if you weren’t interested?

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