Weekly Educational Roundup: July 7 – 11

BlogTalk Radio Seminar:  What is Twitter?

As part of Coutorture’s BlogTalk Radio seminar series, this past Sunday we helped members of the Coutorture Community better understand the basics of Twitter, and how it can help grow their blogs.  Our co-host was Maria Palma ofThe Runway Scoop and Beauty Is Within, who is also a Twitter user.

Blogging Tools:  PicApp

One issue fashion and celebrity bloggers face is the access to affordable celebrity photos.  Mashable recently introduced us to PicApp.  PicApp is a service which has recently partnered with Splash News to offer bloggers free celebrity photos.  The only catch is the script required to insert the photos also inserts an advertisement below each photo.

Essential Blogging:  5 Goals To Strive For

More than likely, if we weren’t filled with ambition, we wouldn’t have started blogging in the first place. We all have certain goals we set for ourselves – number of posts per week, traffic – the list goes on.  Are these the right goals we should be setting for ourselves? Daily Blog Tips points us in the right direction with 5 Blogging Goals Worth Chasing After.


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