Discussion: Blog Monetization

One of the biggest challenges we face as bloggers is advertising.  There are three categories of bloggers when it comes to advertising:  those who don’t care and refuse to devote space to advertising on their blogs, those who are curious about advertising, and those who go all out in an effort to fully monetize their blogs.  If you fall into the last two categories, you’ve undoubtedly asked yourself how you can make money from your blog.

Blog monetization isn’t an exact science.  It’s entirely dependent upon the type of blogger you are and the type of audience your blog attracts.  There are many monetization options including:

  • Google AdSense
  • Banner ads in your RSS Feed
  • Individually brokered banner ads
  • LinkShare/Link Synergy product links
  • Affiliate banner advertising
  • Reader donations
  • Pay Per Post/Sponsored Posts
  • Ad networks

One blogger, who shall remain anonymous, makes it a point to support her fellow bloggers by clicking Google AdSense whenever she leaves a blog.  

What are your methods of monetizing? What methods are your curious about?

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