Weekly Educational Wrap Up: June 23 – 27

  • Blogging Strategies: Slow Your Load Time
    • As social media grows, it can be tempting to embed every badge, widget and toolbar into our sidebars in the hopes that it will drive traffic and further promote your blog’s brand.  Aside from an aesthetic standpoint, you can have too many embedded objects in your site leading to a virtual traffic jam.  These objects can delay your site’s load times, frustrate your reader or cause your site to be completely unusable.
  • Discussion: Favorite Blogging Features
    • When we started our first blogs, the majority of us were inexperienced.  We had passion for our chosen topic, but knew little to nothing about the technology and methodology essentialto creating a successful blog.  Web 2.0 has literally exploded, with blogs dedicated to the subject of blogging, tools, and services designed to make the blogging experience a little more interesting.  
  • Essential Blogging: Product Giveaways
    • Network partner Sharon ofThe Bread and Butter posted the following question in our Google Group: I’m curious to know how most of you started putting together your first “Contest” on your blogs. I have no idea what to do and I’m interested in eventually offering “giveaways” and “contests” sometime down the road as well. 
  • Essential Blogging: Brush Up On Blogging Vocabulary
    • These days everyone has a blog, so how do you set yourself apart? One of the greatest parts of “everyone” having a blog is the free flowing transfer of information from one expert to another.  The key to setting yourself apart in the crowded blogosphere is continuous education.  Daily Blog Tips has compiled The Bloggers Glossary, a mini dictionary of terms and definitions essential to any blogger’s vocabulary.  We’ve selected a few essential and surprising terms from the list.

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