Essential Blogging: Brush Up On Blogging Vocabulary

These days everyone has a blog, so how do you set yourself apart? One of the greatest parts of “everyone” having a blog is the free flowing transfer of information from one expert to another.  The key to setting yourself apart in the crowded blogosphere is continuous education.  Daily Blog Tips has compiled The Bloggers Glossary, a mini dictionary of terms and definitions essential to any blogger’s vocabulary.  We’ve selected a few essential and surprising terms from the list.

  • Anchor Text:  On most blogging platforms, the anchor text is the part of the URL where the title of your post is inserted.  For example, this post’s anchor text is:
  • Blog Carnival:  An event held throughout a group of blogs, with posts focused on a central topic. 
  • CSS: Cascading Style Sheets are the latest in web design, using a cross between HTML and XML to create fantastic pages.
  • Favicon: The icon seen accompanying a URL.  The Annex has a favicon from our platform host, bearing it’s symbol. Some platforms allow you to upload a custom favicon that will appear in your reader’s bookmark menu when they bookmark your site.
  • Text Link Ads: A company could approach you about purchasing a link to their site from a specific keyword such as diamonds, watches, jewelry, etc.  Google penalizes sites who buy or sell these types of links.

To brush up on your blogging vocabulary, visit Daily Blog Tips.


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