Discussion: Favorite Blogging Features


When we started our first blogs, the majority of us were inexperienced.  We had passion for our chosen topic, but knew little to nothing about the technology and methodology essentialto creating a successful blog.  Web 2.0 has literally exploded, with blogs dedicated to the subject of blogging, tools, and services designed to make the blogging experience a little more interesting.  

Tools like ThisNext, Twitter, Del.icio.us, FeedBurner, FriendFeed, Disqus, Polyvore, and Flickr have enhanced our blogging experience to the point that we’ve begun to expect more from our platforms. 

Depending upon your post types, some platforms are more beneficial than others.  If you’re looking to make the most of your blog, here are some features to consider:

  • Multiple post types (photos, videos, text, roundups, etc)
  • Easily understood interface and dashboard
  • Embeddable media types (some platforms limit these features)
  • Flexible theme types
  • Rich text editor (simplifies HTML)
  • Customizable CSS
  • Multiple blogs under one account
  • Free features vs costly upgrades
  • Domain mapping
  • Multiple pages
  • Strong SEO
  • Future publishing post option
  • Draft auto save
  • Email notification of follow up comments

With so many platform and hosting options, it can be difficult to understand which is the best option for you.  Please share your favorite features of your current platform and which features you wish you had.  We’re excited to see the results!


2 responses to “Discussion: Favorite Blogging Features

  1. I love that there it was easy for me to use without having to really study anything! I also like that I can have multiple blogs on Typepad as well. This is perfect since you never know if you want to explore something else entirely different!

  2. I’ve been on TypePad for a year now, but with the recent upgrade the user experiences have been mixed at best, so I’m considering switching over to WordPress, despite some shortcomings. TypePad seems easier to use, but WordPress has slightly more functionality, as I am beginning to discover…

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