Essential Blogging: Backing Up Your Blog

For years, we’ve all been lectured on the importance of backing up our computers.  External hard drives, flash drives, rewriteable dvds and more have been marketed as our personal data’s saving grace.  Trusting your blogging platform to keep your blog safe and sound is very similar to trusting your hard drive not to fail.  How do bloggers protect themselves from hackers, server failures and other bugs which could result in the loss of their blog’s data?

Most blogging platforms have a simple export function that will export all of your blog’s data into a compact xml file.  

1: For blogs, login to your Dashboard and select the Manage tab.  You should see a sub tab labeled Export.  Simply click the Download Export File button, and voila! Your blog is backed up.

2:  For Blogspot blogs, the directions are far more complex, but the outcome is achievable with a little coding help.

3:  For Tyeppad blogs, select the List Posts option under the Weblogs tab after logging in.  Select the Import/Export option, and right click on the Export Posts link to “Save Target As”.


2 responses to “Essential Blogging: Backing Up Your Blog

  1. I have yet to try this but will tonight. I am a typepad user so this is very helpful! Are there other back up programs for other types of platforms? I wonder because my See Pretty Things is apart of Creative Webblogging but they use Moveable Type – so is there something that works with this one too? I am always concerned about this one!

  2. Thanks for bringing MT up Kimmie. I’ll look into that, get back to you, and edit this post. Way to keep me on my toes!

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