Social Media: The Benefits of Twitter

Twitter is a social networking/social broadcasting service centered around the question “What Are You Doing?”.  If you haven’t yet discovered this obsessive service, stop by Coutorture’s Twitter, where we update the latest posts, photoshoots and live from events.  Twitter has become a reliable source of news, from reporting an earthquake 3 minutes before the US Geological Survey reported the event to helping a student regain his freedom after being arrested during a protest

Twitter’s popularity has soared over the past year, spawning such services as TwitPic, which allows you to upload a photo and twitter it instantly from programs like Twhirl. Twitter also allows users to send and receive updates (Tweets) via their mobile devices. Mashable alerted us to StrawPolls, a feature that allows users to create TwitterPolls and receive instant feedback.  Looking for post topics? points us to several services that scans the Twitterverse for the most popular topics during any time period.  

In 140 characters or less, Tweets can contain feelings, topics, songs, urls or even what you ate for lunch.  A combination of newsfeed, blog, diary, and service information, Twitter allows users to broadcast anything describable in words. Through following users with similar interests and websites, Twitter allows you to connect with others in in a more personal manner.  

The Blog Herald brings up an interesting topic to consider: Is Twitter Helping or Hurting Your Blog? Twitter allows you to instantly update readers and friends on your latest happenings, however there is a danger that Tweets can become replacements for blog posts. Additionally, the time spent Twittering could be better used writing a post.  For all the negatives, the site offers many unique social networking aspects which can enhance your blogging experience. Your next follower could also be your blog’s new guest author. 

What are your favorite features of Twitter? How has your Twitter experience enhanced your blog? 


3 responses to “Social Media: The Benefits of Twitter

  1. Helping! I just found two kick ass girls-one blogging about Debutante and then blogging about her Twitter friend Twittering about Debutante Clothing. I am following them now. At the very least, Twitter is helping my online social life-now to go work on my real life one.

  2. The Twitter process is something that I am still navigating through. I feel like I don’t usually use it to refer to my blog but to let people know about something that I am doing whether it is my jewelry or for me. I don’t feel I ever get super personal but I like that you get snippets of who this blogger is. I do find that when I Twitter, that I should be using that time to post or to even get on a social network site like Facebook and share something. I think Twitter is still a work in progress for me but I am impressed with all the items that are available on it and will check it out!

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