Social Media: Build A Comment Community With Disqus

Blogging continues to evolve with the help of independent companies, enhancing the blogging experience and providing interactive services.  Platforms are slowly updating their content management systems (CMS) and even slower to update their comment systems.  Disqus recognized the need for an upgraded and interactive comment system, allowing users to create a unique profile usable across all blogs using the Disqus system.

Discqus is currently supported by WordPress, Typepad, Moveable Type, Tumblr and Blogger.  Installing the system on your blog allows for threaded comments, emailed replies, and even Twitter updates.  The Blog Herald highlights 3 Reasons To Use Disqus, the majority of which include email updates and replies. Additionally, Digging In A Habari Sandpit has compiled a list of of 25 Reasons You Should Use Disqus.

Disqus is a convincing option for bloggers who would like to use their comment section to build community. Additionally, the service allows you to interact with other commenters and build relationships through the social profiles.  Will you try Disqus? Leave a comment letting us know if these types of services are a valuable addition to your blog.


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