Discussion: Who Are You Writing For?

When you sit behind your computer and begin to write a post, who are you writing for?  Do you cater your content to your readers by answering questions and targeting search results or are you simply writing about topics you like for your own benefit?  If you’ve never examined your blogging intentions, perhaps a few moments of self reflection are necessary.

The Blog Herald wrote about this thought provoking topic, mentioning the interaction and not the actual publishing is where he finds his joy.  Where does your joy come from?  High search engine traffic? Comments? Page views? For some bloggers simply publishing a story is a cathartic relief, for others a highly trafficked link is a validator.  Determining your motivation to blog can revitalize your focus and ultimately your posts.

Catering your content to your readers can lead to higher traffic stats, but it can also cause your blog to lose it’s focus and unique voice.  Blending topics your readers enjoy with topics you are passionate about creates a community that engages your readers.  

Finding the balance can be like walking a tightrope.  At first finding the balance can be difficult, but the more you blend the desires of your readers with your own, the easier it will be to create engaging posts. How do you find the balance on your own blog? 


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