Blogging Strategies: Keeping Your Traffic

After our BlogTalkRadio Seminar with Vyque of Fasshonaburu discussing SEO strategies, many bloggers saw an increase in traffic from simply tagging their photos correctly.  When readers discover your blog via a keyword search, they either find what they were looking for or immediately leave.  How do you keep your visitors from leaving your site within 30 seconds of their arrival? ProBlogger put together a comprehensive list of ways to keep your readers engaged.

1:  Related posts

Include related post links in every post, whether your blogging software automatically inserts them (ie WordPress) or you have to manually include related posts.  For example, if your latest post is on Kate Moss, link to photoshoots or other newsworthy stories relating or containing Kate Moss.  You’d be surprised how many people want to see related information.

2: Interlink your posts

If your latest post includes information about Fashion Week, link to other information on your blog about about Fashion Week, either via a category or search within your blog.  Try to interlink as much as possible within reason. 

3:  Series posts

If there is a topic you cover frequently, turn it into a series.  Brand your posts as a series with a series title, categories, and tags.  Be sure to link to other series posts in each post so that your readers can see your previous work.  Focus on being as consistent as possible to give your readers something to look forward to.

4: Excerpts in RSS

More tech savvy readers will read your blog via an RSS reader such as Google Reader.  You want as many people as possible reading your content, but full posts in your RSS feeds don’t translate to page views.  In order to tease readers to click over to your site, only provide an excerpt of your post in RSS.  

5: Make your blog searchable

Be sure there is a search box in your sidebar.  If readers want to know something, be sure you’re the first place they look. 

For more ideas, view ProBlogger’s 11 Techniques to Increase Page Views On Your Blog.


3 responses to “Blogging Strategies: Keeping Your Traffic

  1. Nice post! The ideas and insights are very worth reading. You really gave me valuable information. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Thank You! This is great! This is a most read for all bloggers. Well done and once again thank you for sharing this information!

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