Coutorture BlogTalkRadio Seminar: Team Blogging

As part of Coutorture’s BlogTalkRadio Seminar series, we were joined this past Sunday by Community Partners from The Daily Obsession to discuss team blogging.  

Carolyn, Connie, Nina, Stacey and Beckie talked about what it’s like to work in a team, collaborate on ideas, and maintain a posting schedule.  Each of the ladies live in different parts of the country, brining their unique perspective to their posts.

One of the biggest tools necessary in maintaining a group blog is organization. The Daily Obsession maintains an editorial calendar, mapping out who is responsible for which post on what day.  In addition to covering topics in their respective cities, the ladies also create quality posts on their respective passions.  Their synergy works on quality over quantity, allowing each author to thoroughly examine the subject.

Keys to writing a successful group blog

1:  Communication is key: Whether it be through email, im or telephone, keep in touch with your fellow authors.  Shop online together, chat about the latest beauty products or trends, and discuss whatever topics you’re feeling at the moment.  The conversation doesn’t always have to be about a post for the blog, as long as you keep the lines of communication flowing the post ideas will flow freely.

2:  Maintain your unique voice while keeping the blog’s voice cohesive. It’s important to feel comfortable enough to express your opinions while keeping the best interest of the blog in mind.

3:  Organization is key.  Whether it be an official editorial calendar or just emailing each other your latest post ideas, make sure everyone knows what everyone is doing at all times.

4:  Make sure your blog software allows for collaboration.  The Daily Obsession chose WordPress because of the platform’s flexibility allows for collaborative editing and allows everyone to see what drafts are in progress.

Listen to the full show here, including these tips and more.  All of Coutorture’s BlogTalkRadio Seminars are available here.


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