Elemental Blogging: Legal Practices and Policies

It’s common knowledge (and courtesy) to credit an author or source when using their material in a blog post.  However, Daily Blog Tips recently alerted us to 10 Essential Legal Points for Bloggers. While some may not pertain specifically to your type of blog, we’ve highlighted the most important elements below:

1: Understand the agreements in relation to your blog

When you sign up for sites and services in relation to your blog (Feed Burner, ad networks, etc) understand what those really long service agreements that you quickly glance over actually mean.  Not only should you be aware of the control those agreements may allow the company to have over your content, but also be aware of policies and practices you are required to adhere to.

2: Adopt Legal Policies For Your Blog

Who can use your content? Under what circumstances? What content will you allow to be used freely and what content requires permission?  Give these questions thorough thought.  Daily Blog Tips also points us to a recent post entitled Why Bloggers Should Have A Privacy Policy and 9 Points To Include In Yours.  Additionally, all Google AdSense users are now required to have a privacy policy.  

3: Copyright your work

One of the easiest ways to protect your work is to copyright all posts under a Creative Commons license. They offer several types of licenses, and even a questionnaire to guide you to the appropriate protection. Fast, easy and effective.

For a more in depth discussion of all 10 point, check out Daily Blog Tips’ post on the 10 Essential Legal Points for Bloggers.


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