Coutorture BlogTalkRadio Seminar: Blogging Consistently

As part of Coutorture’s BlogTalkRadio Seminar series, we were joined this past Sunday by Community Partner Kimmie, of See Pretty Things and The Kitten Lounge, to discuss how she manages to blog consistently.

In addition to her career, Kimmie maintains 2 blogs, and produces her own jewelry line.  Surprisingly, both blogs feature fresh content daily, and she continues to produce and promote her internationally carried jewelry line.  If anyone has time management skills, it’s Kimmie!

Consistently updating your blog ensures that your readers are happy and has amplifies your opportunities for new readers.  Remember, the more you update, the more content there is for search engine traffic, trackbacks and comments, all of which are advantageous to your traffic.

Kimmie’s Tips To Consistent Writing

1; Pre-write posts on the weekend

2: If you’re inspired, write in the moment, or as soon as possible.

3: Consistent updates create community on your blog

4: Set up showroom appointments through pr to discover new designers.

5: When you run out of ideas, turn to Google.

Listen to the full show here, including these tips and more.  All of Coutorture’s BlogTalkRadio Seminars are available here.

Our next BlogTalkRadio Seminar will feature Crosby of PR Couture discussing how to properly interact with pr professionals. Listen live this Sunday, April 20 at 5pm EST.

2 responses to “Coutorture BlogTalkRadio Seminar: Blogging Consistently

  1. I definitely enjoyed co-hosting this radio show! I love being able to look at some of my tips and making sure that I have done all of these in all areas. What I love about this is that these are applicable to not only blogging but ways to network at work or for those of us that have entrepreneurial pursuits that we do in addition to everything else. I am always available if people have questions or would like to know the direction they should be going in in terms of making an attainable action plan.

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