Socialization: Getting Your Posts Noticed In Social Media

Bloggers spend a great deal of time attempting to get their content noticed.  Each day, they hope someone will Heart, Digg, or Stumble their latest post in the mad dash for instant traffic.  Some achieve success through the mutual support of communities, while others know what it takes to get noticed.  In a recent post by Search Engine Land, they offer tips to make your content ‘submit worthy’.

1:  Write an attention grabbing headline (or at the very least a Googleable one)

Find ways to spice up the title of a tame post.  Use a catchy headline or category that people will remember and be sure to include words that general internet users typically search for.

2:  Make the first 2 sentences count

When submitting to SugarLoving, StumbleUpon or Digg, use the first two to three sentences of content as the description.  Not only should those sentences be attention grabbing, but they should be punchy, powerful and informative.

3:  Always include pictures

If you don’t have an appropriate photo to accompany your post, use a photo from a stock image website. is a free stock photo search engine.  If you can’t find a photo for your post, search there.

Check out Search Engine Land’s complete article on How To Make Your Content ‘Submit Worthy‘.


2 responses to “Socialization: Getting Your Posts Noticed In Social Media

  1. It’s amazing how many social sites are out there! I think that it’s important to be at least familiar with as many as you can – you never know when linking to something gives you an unexpected bounce!

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