An Exercise In Chill With MAO Public Relations at Manuel

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fashion Week is totally over for me. Sure I had a notion to go to Ralph Rucci tonight because well he is amazing but after a week of ugly (and I don’t really mean the clothes) I am not sure I can handle real beauty tonight. But on my last day of Fashion Week I was expecting to push extremely hard to make the final shows and edit together our content. But miracle of all miracles I encountered an afternoon of chill. My normal experience with backstage is a frantic explanation of who I am, what I do, and why they even agreed to give me access in the first place. I give my spiel, talk about the power of the internet, google rankings, diffusion, and all sorts of other stuff in the hopes that some girl will get “it” and just let me do my job. And still I get grief and often get turned away.

But for Manuel I had the pleasure of working with MAO Public Relations and let me just say it was one of the most pleasant experiences of Fashion Week. I don’t know what it was but somehow the entire backstage experience of Manuel was so very calm, easy, and even downright enjoyable. No one was harried, no one was tense, and everyone seemed happy. It was supremely simple to go up to both Manuel Cuevas Sr. and Jr. for an interview. When the PR woman asked me who I was I immediately launched into an explanation of Coutorture and she gave me a funny look and said “No, no, I just want to know your name, more press is good press. I just want to know how to introduce you to Manuel.”

While of course this makes perfect sense for a response from someone who is charged with securing press for a client I was simply shocked. At a certain interview this week I was stopped in the middle (and no it was not my Anna Wintour video interview) I thought I had secured (with a designer I had actually done a very extensive interview with this summer at the debut of his fur collection) when the PR woman asked “who is that child?”. You know just because I wear kicks with my skinny jeans and oversized sweater doesn’t mean I am some ruffian. I am here to do business too! Style is style alright?

I had gotten so used to fighting for time with designers that it didn’t even occur to me that someone in PR was trying to help me to do my job and wanted me to promote their client via our Fashion Week Videos. Which really is a sad commentary on the state of public relations on the whole when you think about it. So thank you MAO for being a great firm! Heather, Roger, and Mauricio know how it is done downtown and with the new media crowd and that means a lot to me.

And you know what? The interview was fantastic, the show was fun, and I felt like it was a perfect end to an otherwise week of mania. So check it out and spread the words my downtown friends! Manuel and MAO Public Relations were one of the best experiences of Fashion Week.


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