Fashion Week Day 3: 8 Things We’ve Learned So Far

1. All Julie has time to do is run back and forth with our cameraman for interviews.

2. All Phil has time to do is edit video, content, and photos.

3. The bloggers we’ve brought with us get to see a lot of shows. They’re very fortunate.

4. Hearing “you’re confirmed” doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re on the list for shows or invitations.

5. Not being on the list or having an invitation doesn’t stop you from attending most shows.

6. Photographers take between 12 and 20 pictures of every look at every show.

7. Getty,, and New York Magazine are very, very good at processing photographs because they have multiple assistants, with laptops, for each photographer.

8. You have to drink Diet Coke out of a paper bag, because security will confiscate any non-Pepsi-owned drinks on sight.


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