An Example of Great Communication

Maria, one of our bloggers and proprietor of customer service blog Customers Are Always had some very nice things to say about the blogger outreach email we sent last night.

If there’s one internet friend who’s big on communication, it’s Julie Fredrickson of Coutorture. As a member of Coutorture, may I be the first to say how pleased I am with their customer service (although I don’t pay a dime to them!) I’m pretty much guaranteed a weekly update of the what’s going on with the fashion community and my posts at are regularly featured in the “Industry” section of the website.

Thanks Maria!


4 responses to “An Example of Great Communication

  1. Hooray Maria! Say it loud and proud. I agree.

    Thanks to Julie for keeping us all on the up and up, in the know, down with it, and in the proberbial loop!

    Great day to all.
    Jen at MonkeyPosh

  2. make that PROVERBIAL not proberbial.



  3. Hi Julie and Phil,

    I know I’m a little late in resonding to this….Thanks so much for the mention here and I do truly appreciate all the hard work that you are putting in to bring fashion bloggers together. Keep doing what you’re doing and it will definitely pay off!!

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